Programming languages I have used

In the course of the last 25 years I used the following programming languages:

1982-1988 BASIC – That was fun. First I used Locomotive BASIC, which was great. After that I switched to the crippled C64-BASIC and poked and peeked a lot.

1984 LOGO – Moving the turtle around was fun, but I didn’t get the point.

1988-now C – On my Archimedes I made my first steps with C and later I used regularly Ansi-C.

1988-1991 Assembler (OS/390) – I didn’t like it, but I had to use it during my apprenticeship.

1988-1995 Cobol – A really talkative language, which became better over the year (Cobol-74, Cobol-85) and even got some object-oriented features in the early 90s.
1995-now C++ – My teacher at school told me in the late 80s we didn’t really get the point about this “Object-Oriented” thing… I used C++ almost 7 years before I learned

2002-now Java – No more hours of searching for memory leaks, no building of helper classes (everything I need is there). In combination with Eclipse works like a charm.

2006-now Ruby – I bought “The Pragmatic Programmer” in 2001, but didn’t have time to read and follow it. After I read it I decided to learn Ruby which was a real eye-opener. The logical consequence of course is “Ruby on Rails”, which extends Ruby in many ways.


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