Developer or Programmer, tough question!

I have just read an article differentiating between the two job titles. I totally agree with the author although the title “Programmer” expresses much of my main work I am doing all kind of things besides that. However I would never call myself an architect since the only “Architects” I know are no real role-models for me.


2 thoughts on “Developer or Programmer, tough question!

  1. Interesting post – I’ve been wondering for a while now what the difference between “developer” and “programmer” is. I guess I’m a “developer”, even though I’ve always thought of myself simply as a “programmer”. Confused? Me too! 🙂

  2. Programmer: He is given instructions to write units of code. Most of the times, the programmer is unaware of the bigger picture and of the hows and the whys of the code he is supposed to develop.

    Software Developer: Like the programmer, he writes code, but unlike the programmer, he is involved in most of the development life cycle and aware of the big picture.

    Software Engineer: He has either a Computer Science degree or a related engineering degree. Due to his formal training, he can write complex algorithms (that the programmers and developers can’t write) and he has formal knowledge and training in the art of software constuction. (This title is heavily misused by Junior Programmers who call themselves “software engineers”, such as Java and Web Developers who can’t write any complex algorithms.)

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