I’m back and have great news

After a few months in my new job I’m returning to this blog to post some interesting stuff.

I switched my development focus from Java to Adobe Flex and AIR. On sunday I will fly to Barcelona to attend Adobe Max and get some insighs about the future development of this cool technology.

My first impressions about Flex are very enthusiastic since one can build a fancy GUI with some nice eye-candy effects in no time. The communication with a server backend is very lean and the learning curve from Java to ActionScript 3.0 was quiet flat. In fact AS3 has some nice similiarities with Ruby like in-built associative arrays and closure-style functions.

My development environment is Flexbuilder 3 Beta 2 as a Eclipse plugin which I use with Eclipse 3.3 (Europa). At the moment the transition from Beta 1 to Beta 2 is quite ruff since the are some draw-backs.

For instance I did some refactoring in a Flex library project and moved my FlexUnit test classes in a subproject to call it. Refactoring in Flexbuilder 3 should be a key feature of the new version but I must say it is almost non-existing. If you move a file the filename is replaced but the classname inside and the package are not changed. Sometimes you cannot rename files at all and have to switch to the console to do it by hand and with another text editor. So after my refactoring I keept getting an error “could not find source for class test.XYZ” at location “Unknown”. Cleaning the project didn’t help.

Then a collegue of mine discovered that in the file .flexLibProperties are all the source files which have to be compiled. Removing all the moved files solved the problem.

I’ll keep you posted about my impressions from the Max conference.


One thought on “I’m back and have great news

  1. Perfect. I was wondering the cause for the error “could not find source for class” in flex builder and this post solved it for me. Thanks!!!

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