Adobe Max Barcelona: Round-up Day 1

I attended the following sessions on my first day.

Working with Persistent Data in AIR

Although I already used the File API and the SQL API very intensively this session gave some new insights to the new synchronous SQL API and the new Encrypted Local Store which comes in handy.

Flex Roadmap

Some cool new features which might appear in the next version of Flex: primitive graphics. Another cool feature: the components are being split up into MVC parts so especially the View can be altered very extensively.

Local Database Access with AIR and Data Synchronisation Strategies

My second introduction to AIR and the SQL API 😦 Oh my, the presenter used most of the time telling the audience what it means that the SQL API can be used synchronously and asynchronously. Then 3 minutes before the end he remembers that there was another topic: Data synchronisation. That was the part that interested me. His only comment: “Well, data synchronisation is difficult”. That was very disappointing!


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