Adobe Max Barcelona: Flex Best Practices

My first session at Adobe Max in Barcelona. Just some talk about various topics. I was a little disappointed, since I didn’t learn anything really new. The topics discussed where:
– Start with Flex

How to start a Flex project. What should Flash developers keep in mind when switching to Flex.

– Server Side Integration

If your need server side data managing consider using the Flex Lifecycle Data Services. It is Java based and very stable. If you have to built your own it might not be that much cheaper…

– Modules
– Don’t use the module manager. It’s buggy. Adobe Consultants write their own.
– Write your own loader and wait for event
– Use it for dynamic class loading, assets (themes), movie clips
– (pensieve)
– Use modules only when the complexity really is too high

– ActionScript with mxml
– Use only gui logic in mxml
– Place business logic in separate as files to use FlexUnit tests on them
– (Refactor desktop.mxml)

– Integrate early
– -> Style Explorer
– Subclass builtin components to make usage of CSS easier

My favorite quote and highlight of the session: “Developers tend to design Star Trek consoles


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