Adobe Max Barcelona: Keynote

That was impressive.

The keynote showed some details of the different Adobe products. Especially the future versions for the Flash Player, Flex and AIR was kind of an eye opener for me. The key problem I’ve had so many times was to decide which framework/language to use when the key factors were plattform independency and performance.

  • Java was Ok to use, but the startup-time and the download size of the VM is a showstopper and Swing looks quiet differently (and boring) on different platforms.
  • Cocoa looked sleek, but it was only Mac OS X and Objective-C is in my oppinion no programming language I want to program with.
  • Qt was very promising, but it is not royalty free and the days of C++ are over (Qt Jambi Java support is too early).

After the keynote I had the answer: AIR! You get such a nice user experience with eyecandy and effects, can do all the stuff you need, your application looks exactly you want it on each operating system and installation of your app is quiet easy for the user. You get auto update functionality and can sign your apps to prevent fraud.

The cool things Apple did with CoreImage are possible with Hydra (write your own filters) plattform-idependent. CoreGraphics 3d effects like in the Apple TV start screen are possible with the 3d feature of Flash Player 10 (Astro).

I have already used the SQL-API in AIR and I am wondering if it would be powerful enough to compete with something like JDBC…

They showed many Flex/AIR applications like an iMovie clone for mixing videos online, a cool shopping application from Antrophologie. I have never seen such a great user experience! Really great.


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