Adobe Max Barcelona: Round-up Day 2

The second day started with a keynote. They showed some really cool services:

Scene7 – server-side image scaling and management service, really nice shopping experiences are possible with that

Pacifica – a VoIP service for FlashPlayer

Share – a data sharing service, which renders the uploaded files in a Flex application

CoCoMo – a collaboration service which can be used with Flex

The rest of the day I attended the following sessions:

Adobe Platform Roadmap

Nothing really new here. Just one sentence made me listen attentively.  There seem to be already plans to port AIR also to mobile devices and other platforms…

Customizing the Flex Framework

Some interesting things. I hope the slides will appear soon on the max site so I can read them a second time. The topics validators and formatters will need more work in my current applications. I wasn’t aware, they existed.

Rich Internet Applications and Mobility

Held by an Intel guy who was a little bit disappointed that Adobe was not listening to him. He wanted to have battery and wifi status methods in AIR. Since Adobe was not listening he showed some browser plugins that provided these functions through JavaScript. I didn’t really get the point here…

Optimizing ActionScript 3.0 Performance

The content was very good but the presenter, a Swiss guy with very bad English pronounciation was overstrained. He could not speak fluently and sometimes mixed his speech French words and letters. Listening was a pain.

AIR Tips and Tricks

The third (!) time I got an introduction into AIR, how cool it was and especially how the File API worked. But there were also some new things especially about native windows in AIR, which change a little bit with the last beta.

Sneak Peek Session

Some nice and cool new features which might make it in real products where shown. The most impressive one: they hired a guy who had this really cool idea how to resize images far better.


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