Adobe Max Barcelona: Round-up Day 3

The last day of the conference.

XD Initial Visions for the AIR experience

One of the best sessions I attended. Using the Adobe Media Player the presenter described the design decissions they made. Gave me some cool insights especially for the paradigm “Moving has Meaning”

Best Practices for Developing with ActionScript 3.0

The agenda was quiet impressive but the session at all was a complete dissappointment. Nearly a third was about ActionScript the rest was about how to develop programs. I don’t need to know that. The better named that session “Best Practices for Programming Newbies” 😦

Functional & Performance Testing flex Applications: Borland’s Approach

I didn’t know that Borland bought an Austrian company that writes testing software. SilkTest it is called and now supports also Flex but the GUI is so ugly (Windows 95 style, Windows only) I had to suppress a reflex to vomit. I would never ever use such an ugly software. They are planning to release it next year as an Eclipse plugin. Very boring and confusing presentation.

HTML and Script Bridging for Flex Applications in AIR

That guy (Kevin Hoyt) was incredible. He had no powerpoint slides and did all the hacking live without using any prepared code statements. Very cool and thorough look into the possibilities of the Bridging API.

Introduction to LiveCycle Data Services for Flex Developers

A German trying to make a presentation in English with some really strange pronounciations (“thee” instead of “the”, “methord” instead of “method”…). He really messed up the whole presentation and could not impress the audience with the cool features of LCDS at all. Nonetheless I found the framework very cool.

Flash Player Internals

Some useful insights into the inner works of the Flash Player. I enjoyed it very much.


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