iPhone 3G – Will it bounce?

I was one of the last lucky people in Rostock in northern Germany to get an iPhone 3G 16 GB black. I also was one of the first iPhone 2G phones in Berlin. But my luck was used up this Friday after only 8 days with my new gadget. While leaning forward to help my 5 year old out of his pants in a public toilet it slipped out of my jacket and crashed onto the tiled floor. The screen cracked:

My, oh my.

My, oh my.

Although the glass is broken the device works perfectly. Even the touch works with the cracks. Yesterday I went to a T-Mobile shop and the iPhone is now on its long way to the T-Mobile central repair station. I guess that will be very expensive. Apple states 299,- € for a 16 GB iPhone 3G. 😦

Fortunately my wife was so kind to lend me old iPhone while I am waiting for the return of my latest toy.

Already ordered a leather case at Amazon and T-Mobile also offers a insurance for broken devices. I will definitely need one.


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