I’m free!

After almost 21 years as an employee I decided to take the chance, quit my job as a Senior Software iPhone Developer in Berlin and now I am self-employed.

Feels very good to make my own decisions. I am planning to concentrate my contract work on iPhone and Mac software development, Adobe Flex and AIR and finally Ruby and Ruby on Rails. The contract situation looks very promising at the moment, so if everything works fine I can also work half of the time on my own iPhone application idea which pinched me for some time now.

As a result of being my own boss I already booked the ticket, flight and hotel for the upcoming Adobe MAX conference in L.A. in October. Since I visited the MAX conference in 2007 in Barcelona and have to think about my findings there all the time I thought it would be a good idea to get new insights into Adobe plans for the future.

On the other hand I already ordered tons of new hardware 🙂

I am typing this article on my new MacBook Pro 13″ with a 2.53 GHz processor. It arrived yesterday after I changed my order from the 250 GB HDD to a 320 GB one. They seem to have trouble with the huge success of this model. I’m planning to exchange the HDD with an OCZ Vertex 120 GB version and replace the superdrive with a OptiBay and a 500 GB HDD for in-time Time Machine backups and storing bigger files like movies. The setting is complete with a shiny new 24″ Cinema LED display and the bluetooth Mighty Mouse and keyboard.

I installed Snow Leopard from the DVD I got at the WWDC and it works very great although I have to live without 1password at the moment and Flex Builder wants to install Rosetta during install which I prefer not to do.

Time will tell if I will switch back to regular Leopard before I have full tool support.


4 thoughts on “I’m free!

  1. You don’t want the bluetooth hardware. It’s unreliable, laggy and crippled. Instead buy the wired keyboard and connect to the 24″ screen. Buy a good wireless third party mouse (we use Logitech VX) and also connect to the 24″ screen.

    Unplug the laptop (mini display port, USB and magsafe power) and you are completely mobile. Plug it in and you have a fully functional desktop system. Very nice! You can still take the mouse with you when you want one during travel.

    We intended to go the bluetooth route but eventually abandoned the idea and are glad we did. Now we have a numeric keypad, true arrow keys, a nicer mouse and no lag.

    • Actually I am quite happy with the Apple bluetooth mouse and keyboard. I have had no trouble so far with it and I like the missing cables on my desk 🙂


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