Adding a reflection to an NSImage

To add an reflection in Cocoa to a NSImage object you can use the following NSImage category:

@interface NSImage(MKAddReflection)
- (NSImage*) addReflection:(CGFloat)percentage;

@implementation NSImage(MKAddReflection)

- (NSImage*) addReflection:(CGFloat)percentage
	NSAssert(percentage > 0 && percentage <= 1.0, @"Please use percentage between 0 and 1");
	CGRect offscreenFrame = CGRectMake(0, 0, self.size.width, self.size.height*(1.0+percentage));
	NSBitmapImageRep * offscreen = [[NSBitmapImageRep alloc] initWithBitmapDataPlanes:NULL
													   bytesPerRow:offscreenFrame.size.width * 4
	[NSGraphicsContext saveGraphicsState];
	[NSGraphicsContext setCurrentContext:[NSGraphicsContext graphicsContextWithBitmapImageRep:offscreen]];
	[[NSColor clearColor] set];
	NSGradient * fade = [[NSGradient alloc] initWithStartingColor:[NSColor colorWithCalibratedWhite:1.0 alpha:0.2] endingColor:[NSColor clearColor]];
	CGRect fadeFrame = CGRectMake(0, 0, self.size.width, offscreen.size.height - self.size.height);
	[fade drawInRect:fadeFrame angle:270.0];	
    NSAffineTransform* transform = [NSAffineTransform transform];
    [transform translateXBy:0.0 yBy:fadeFrame.size.height];
    [transform scaleXBy:1.0 yBy:-1.0];
    [transform concat];
	// Draw the image over the gradient -> becomes reflection
	[self drawAtPoint:NSMakePoint(0, 0) fromRect:CGRectMake(0, 0, self.size.width, self.size.height) operation:NSCompositeSourceIn fraction:1.0];
	[transform invert];
	[transform concat];

	// Draw the original image
	[self drawAtPoint:CGPointMake(0, offscreenFrame.size.height - self.size.height) fromRect:NSZeroRect operation:NSCompositeSourceOver fraction:1.0];
	[NSGraphicsContext restoreGraphicsState];
	NSImage * imageWithReflection = [[NSImage alloc] initWithSize:offscreenFrame.size];
	[imageWithReflection addRepresentation:offscreen];
	return imageWithReflection;

To get a copy of a NSImage with a reflection applied you call [image addReflection:0.3], where the float value defines the percentage of the reflection regarding the height of the input image, e.g.

NSImage * input = [[NSImage alloc] initWithContentsOfFile:@"/Users/mk/Desktop/input.jpg"];
NSImage * output = [input addReflection:0.4];


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