The beginnings

I already had a blog at, but that was in German and I was thinking about moving to English so more people can read my thoughts.

Some details about me: I was born in 1970 in southern Germany. My big brother introduced me in the early 80s to home computers since he was using an Apple ][e at school. I regularly went to the local dealer to spend hours and hours at the home computer section. I bought a book with listings in BASIC for the Commodore VIC-20 and typed them in. They didn’t run very well since I didn’t understand what I was doing 😦 but it was much fun. There were words in it like “File” (hu? filet?), “Menu” (What does this thing have to do with restaurants) which confused me a lot.

In Germany prothestantic young people get some money from relatives for the confirmation. I spend all my money to buy a floppy disc drive for the Schneider CPC-464, which my big brother had bought half a year earlier. The BASIC interpreter was much better than the one of the C64 and I learned a lot. But the games were not as colorful and nice to listen to. So I sold the floppy drive to my brother and bought my own C64 with its own floppy drive and was happy.

At the end of school in 1988 I decided to learn a job we call “Datenverarbeitungskaufmann” which is very focused on programming and computers. School was every 2 months for a couple of weeks. The time between school I worked at a jewellery factory in Pforzheim, my hometown. I learned COBOL and Assembler. My superior was a little confused when I used subroutines in my COBOL programs since they all used only one huge routine with lots of GOTOs in it.We had a mini mainframe from Unisys with huge changeable disk drives . I chose DBase IV and COBOL as my languages of choice for my final exams in programming.

With the first money I earned I bought an Acorn Archimedes A305. The ARM RISC processor it used was revolutionary and I learned a lot during my private programming tasks. Unfortunately the dealer which upgraded my RAM from 512 KB to 1 MB used old, broken RAM ICs with bended and with solder crusted pins. Every once in a while when I used my machine for several hours it froze and I guess it was because of these old crappy RAM ICs. I spend so much money in my Archimedes that I had had enough with that.

For several years I didn’t have a computer anymore. In the mid 90s when Windows was becoming more and more useful I decided to build my own machine from scratch. For the next years I was a happy Win 95/98/ME/2000/XP user.

In 2002 I moved from Karlsruhe to Berlin. Along came my rather loud PC box. The iPod made me very envious from time to time but I was too broke to afford one.

Then in spring of 2003 I stopped smoking and for the money I saved I bought a shiny new 12″ G4 PowerBook which converted me in a passionate Apple lover and Windows basher. After that I bought a 2nd generation iPod.

Last year I handed my PB to my wife and bought the first white MacBook. Some time later a 60 GB Video iPod followed since I wanted to show my kids some videos during trips with the car.