My new tlog (tumblelog)

In the excellent (German language) podcast Chaos Radio Express episode CRE072 they featured a tumblelog application named soup. I couldn’t resist, jumped on the train and this kind of (b)logging fits much better to my needs. The application is lean and (of course) written in Ruby on Rails.

I try to use it instead of Google bookmarks to remind myself (and others) of remindable things I discover during my surf sessions.

My new tlog address is:


Aptana IDE getting better and better

I started using RADRails as an Eclipse Plugin in late 2006 and it worked ok. As a stand-alone version I had some trouble so I used the plugin instead. Since then RADRails has been merged with the Aptana IDE and gained more functionality like auto-completion. I also tried the Aptana Web IDE and they are also really nice. The newest Aptana plugin is for Adobe AIR programming which makes creating AIR packages very simple.

Currently I am reading “ActionScript 3 and Flex” and I like the controls generated by Flex very much. I guess one could make very stylish forms with that and I am looking forward using them in future projects.